Sunday, 30 November 2008

taking pictures

The last shoots for the book proved that I have some very beautiful and talented young people in my family! I recruited my nephews, cousins and family friends to wear my knits as they are so gorgeous. Here are Taylor and Eoin playing with Finley, instead of getting down to work. The final shots look amazing, I will post some as soon as I can.

mini treats...

Cecile and I were very pleasantly surprised when we were treated to some gorgeous tiny cup cakes this weekend by a very generous customer in loop. They are in an egg carton so you can see how tiny they were, but they were extremely yummy....thank you so much for the lovely treat, and let me stress that gifts are always welcome in loop.....!!!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

yarn forward

I have been incredibly busy recently trying to finish my new book by the deadlines, so haven't had much time to sleep, let alone write new posts, but I had to pop up a quick note to say that I was mightily cheered by a glimpse at the new Yarn Forward today. One of my designs has made the cover! It is a very cute little fairisle tank, even if I do say so myself. After a brief thumb through at a quiet moment in loop, I feel that I must say that the magazine is going from strength to strength. The articles and patterns this month are really great, I am going to have to pencil in an hour or two to read it properly.......!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

dazzling dresses

Couldn't resist posting this photo my friend Katherine took at a wedding recently. I love the colours of the dresses, who knew we would coordinate so would think we planned it! I am the one with my hand in my pocket, as per usual. I do love a pocket, it stops my hands fidgeting when there is no knitting nearby...well, it would be rude to at a wedding......wouldn't it.......?!