Sunday, 4 May 2008

west dean spring weekend

Last weekend I was teaching at the lovely West Dean College in Sussex and spring had most definitely sprung; gorgeous little lambs were bounding over the fields, bluebells were blooming in carpets under the blossoming trees and a family of fluffy ducklings had taken up residence in the courtyard. Ah, bliss! The ladies on the course must have been inspired by all this new growth as they produced some beautiful pieces in bright spring colours and floral shapes.
I got a chance to experiment with some wire (above) which proved most effective, everybody who tried it agreed, if a little hard to work with. I am surprised we all managed to survive the weekend with our fingers and eyesight in tact, although there were a few yarn based injuries, including some rather strange bruised fingers....!

This is just some of the yarn and materials I brought to inspire:

and here are some examples of what was created:

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