Sunday, 7 September 2008

iknit fair

Along with about a million other knitters (or so it seemed!) I was down at the Royal Horticultural halls for the iknit fair this weekend, which was really good fun, if very tiring, as I was there to work at the loop stall.
Now would be a great opportunity to post pictures of the fantastic hall's windows, the HUGE angora rabbit which looked more like a fur ball at the Silkwood Yarns stall next to us and the colourful fair with beautiful yarns, fashion shows, books and people knitting everywhere. However, you guessed it, I forgot my camera - thats what happens when you get up at 6.30am on a saturday to rush down there. So, I cant explain the loveliness of it all unless you were one of the squillions that turned up.
To try to make up for it, here are some of the pretty things I managed to buy in the few quiet times; sweet pastel antique needles fom loop and vintage pattern greetings cards from knitonthenet.

And some really rubbish snaps from my mobile phone, so at least you can try to imagine the size of the giant rabbit! It produces the most wonderful angora yarns, I heartily recommend the Silkwood site.... is the very colourful and pretty (I'm biased of course!) loop stand.

I heartily recommend next year's fair to anyone that could not make it on Saturday, but be prepared to be tempted - you may have to clear out your stash to make room for all the new yarns you will aquire!


Lisa Stone said...

Hi! I came across your wedding shrug picture on Flickr and found myself here! I LOVE the pattern so far and am anxious to get the pattern. When will you be publishing it? I am looking forward to it!

claire montgomerie said...

hi there lisa,
i am knitting all five at the same time, so not one is finished yet! as soon as i have decided on the edgings for the most complete shrug I will let you know first, thank you so much for your interest.

Lisa Stone said...

Isn't it funny, the things we knitters do!!! Thanks for checking out my blogs and sites. It is always fun to meet new friends...especially knitting designers! Ooh lala!

I would be honored if you'd pass my name along! Talk to you soon.