Thursday, 26 February 2009


The cute little baby bonnet from Easy Baby Knits works up a little pixie-ish and so for all of you who want your baby to look a little more human, please see my website where I have now changed the pattern slightly to give a more rounded hat instead of a pointed one. Here is a little preview to show how it has changed!


Tisha said...

I just finished this project and I absolutely LOVE the bonnet in it's original "pixie" form! I can't wait to see it on my newest neice. I'll have to send you a pic for your gallery.

claire montgomerie said...

thats is great! please do send me a pic. I must admit to a liking of pixie-esque kids hats - they are adorable!

pjderner said...

I am knitting double-breasted knit coat and I am trying to get it done for Christmas. Was going really fast until I go to the right front in the shaping the raglan sleeve. when I started with the button whole part it isn't working out. Are there any changes for this sweater? Pam

claire montgomerie said...

Hi Pam,
sorry you are having problems. I haven't found any mistakes with this pattern, but that doesn't mean that something couldn't have slipped through. A few people have had problems with keeping the continuity of the pattern which I hope I have helped with.
I have had a quick look at the buttonholes and they look fine - please can you explain where exactly you are having problems and with which size and I will look into this further asap so you can get on with it!