Tuesday, 3 March 2009

sneaky peak

Here is a sneaky peak at the lovely Blad copy of Easy Kids Knits I have just received. It is a little promotional leaflet with a couple of patterns in to demonstrate the layouts of the final book. Looking good, I think! Can't wait til the launch now - which I have been informed will be the 6th August, which is my late grandad's birthday and the day before my own. Most auspicious dontcha think?


Cyndi said...

Is there any way to pre-order your book? I love Easy Baby Knits and I am really looking forward to this one! And it is just in time, my youngest just turned 2 and I will need some larger projects to knit for him and my 5 year old daughter!

claire montgomerie said...

Hi cyndi, glad you love EBK, and EKK was written with knitters just like yourself in mind! there just isn't that much out there for kids.
I am not sure about pre ordering, perhaps they do so on amazon? I shall double check with the publishers. thanks for your comments.