Monday, 6 April 2009

inside crochet

The postman finally delivered my copy of Inside Crochet this morning and I was delighted to see a double page spread featuring my studio space; my front room as it is otherwise known! It looks really bright and inspiring and has made me realise just how important all my little bits and pieces are in my design process (or is that just an excuse never to tidy up again?!)

I also contributed a small pattern, a cute little children's cardigan called Ellie. I couldn't resist the colour combination of neutrals with bright pink, violet and turquoise, and wanted to create something very simple yet pretty, using the traditonal granny square pattern as inspiration.
The magazine is looking really lovely, it is edited by Julie Holetz and Amy O'Neill Houck and is from the fantastic KAL media team who already publish Yarn Forward and Sew Hip. They have done a great job and I think the first issue bodes well for its future, I look forward to reading the magazine for a long time to come.


Francesca said...

Love, love, love, your studio space aka your front room - beautiful and inspirational bits and pieces lovingly arranged, and it certainly does look very tidy and organised! Well done!Congratulations on being featured in yet another mag and I cant wait to for your foray in to Journalism!
PS: Is your new book going to be available for International release?
In admiration
Francesca x

claire montgomerie said...

thank you my lovely!!
yes, it will be out in the UK and US. last one was only out in france, but i have included continental style knitting in the next, so it will be out in most of europe, and i have heard of folk down under having copies of EKK, so i am assuming it will go to the english speaking southern hemisphere too - exciting!