Friday, 22 May 2009

pretty pins

After coveting these lovely tights from the wonderful Liberty I finally laid my hands on a pair today and couldn't wait to take them for a test run.
They are screenprinted by hand in Scotland by a lovely company called Bebaroque, who also use embroidery on their hosiery, as well as entire leg patterning. I chose the simple Dorothy pattern as I don't think any gal can wear enough bows, even a quite un-girly one like me! I was torn between the tights and the little pastel socks, but the gold foil on these swung it for me - very glitzy eveningwear without being too 'bling'. I also thought I would get loads of wear from them as they are quite subtle compared to some of Bebaroque's other fabulous designs.

The branding on the packaging is great; lovely illustrations in the style of the swirly Bebaroque prints, and a sweet description of the company's ethos, all laid out simply and beautifully.

I am on a personal quest to buy less fast fashion, but instead invest in fewer pieces of more beautifully crafted, durable garments, preferably where possible buying handmade and/or British, with a view to supporting small businesses and craftspeople like myself at the same time as the dwindling British textiles industry. Bebaroque certainly tick all the boxes, and are even British textiles graduates like myself, so I am already feeling less hypocritcal in my fashion choices. Plus, all of this is a great excuse to spend money on gorgeous things!
I think I shall be looking for more small designer makers to support and showcase here...all purely in the name of research of course, so please let me know of others you think I may like.
Now all I have to do is make sure I don't ladder my Dorothys...


@LibertyDaniel said...

So you finally got your hands on a pair! Looking good. Great blog.

angeltreats said...

Those are fab! If only I had the legs to wear them... sigh. The packaging is gorgeous too, I'd be tempted to frame it.

claire montgomerie said...

thanks Daniel, and thanks for the tip off!
re:packaging - don't tempt me, have been wondering if I shouldn't keep the pack and do something with it, but I am such a hoarder, if I kept everything there would be no space for me in my house! oh, what to do...?!