Sunday, 30 August 2009

kioskiosk part deux

Beautiful sunshine for the second installment at the kioskiosk and lots of friendly knitters, like Lettice, who came on her lunch break to sit and knit with us in the warm sunny weather. Thanks to those of you who make a special trip to come and see me, it made my day :)
I hear the kiosk's run has been extended throughout September, and then possibly on to pastures new, so keep an eye out for strange little boxes housing mad little wannabe shop owners selling handmade wares popping up all over the place soon!
In the meantime, I will be at We Make London's next fair in Stoke Newington next weekend, teaching knitting and crochet and doing a bit of cake decorating...! I will also be selling my wares, so if you fancy anything you see here and are in North London at the weekend, I may see you there.
Happy Bank Holidays!


Georgina said...

So glad it went well - doesn't a bit of sun help life along!

claire montgomerie said...

oooh yes! unfortunately that may have been the last nice day we are going to get this yr :(
but i do so love the colours of autumn...ah, how to decide my favourite season?!