Friday, 12 February 2010


I took a trip down memory lane yesterday when I visited the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture at Middlesex University's Cat Hill campus; I was a student on the constructed textiles course there when it was built in 2000 and it was a great resource. The museum is a little gem if you are interested in interiors or textiles, with a fabulous and extensive collection of artefacts which you can use for reserch or just for inspiration.

The current exhibition is called Japantastic and is small but perfectly formed. There are beautiful Japanese inspired textiles fom the late nineteenth to early twentieth centuries, when there was a craze for all things relating to Japan. The wallpapers and fabric were produced by the Silver Studio, who supplied designs to Liberty.

I would highly recommend that you get down to see this exhibition if you can and if you haven't been before, check out the permanent exhibition Exploring Interiors about domestic living from the early twentieth century. There are some fabulous pieces, including a stunning singer sewing machine cabinet, which I could easily have walked out of there with if it wasn't so darned heavy....


Mrs G said...

hi Claire!
always enjoy reading about your cultural pursuits - i've given you a Sunshine Blog Award. Details of what it is and how to pass it on are on my blog. Agnes xx
P.S. don't know if you know i've joined the Loop staff! loving it!!

claire montgomerie said...

thanks agnes!! :)
hope you are enjoying the stairs at loop....!!!! xxx

Mrs G said...

aaah the stairs! they're my only attempt at exercise... xx