Thursday, 17 June 2010

spinning a yarn!

When I was asked to become a regular columnist in the UK magazine Yarn Forward I was unbelievably excited! While it may not bring in enough of an income to buy myself a wardrobe full of expensive shoes, like a certain infamous fictional columnist, it will keep the old stash ticking along nicely and it gives me even more of an excuse to witter on about knitting! (like I needed one)
Next month I shall be talking about the stresses of moving for a knitter with as much stash as myself - don't miss it!!


The Happy Panda said...

You're back, hurrah! hope the move went ok, I assume you are just using all the yarn instead of furniture? ;-)

meadow said...

Love your blog! Don't normally buy Yarn Forward but will look for it next month - thanks for letting us know.

claire montgomerie said...

hi panda, yes, at the mo I am! Although we just went out to buy some shelves, so they can all start coming out of boxes!! hopefully i will send some your way soon! :)

Thanks meadow! Do give YF a try - the new Ed, Anna Bell is fab and is making some great changes. I found the last issue especially good and informative, even for a knitting buff like myself!