Wednesday, 18 August 2010

vintage at goodwood

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the Vintage at Goodwood festival to teach a few workshops and soak up the atmosphere, which was slightly damp at times, unfortunately for my sandals!
But when the sun shone, the Sussex countryside was glorious and the vintage style surroundings were great fun.
Here are some pics, if you didn't get the chance to go this year, book up for next, it was lovely! Although make sure you dress up - I made the mistake of thinking it was a typical festival and (shock! horror!) forgot my heels!!


Donna said...

It was a brilliant festival and I watched a few of your workshops although by the time I got there they were fully booked and running. Looked like everyone had such great fun x

Lyn said...

I really wanted to go, must go next year!

claire montgomerie said...

donna, what a shame we couldn't meet in real life! I love your blog and your pics of the festival are great - you did so much more than me - I think having to go backwards and forwards to the workshops fragmented the days a bit for me - and the queues for the fashion tent put me off that! I did see Tony Hatch though - fabulous! :) Will try to do more next year!

Lyn, you should definitely try to go next yr - from your profile, the music you like is similar to me and you would love it!