Sunday, 9 January 2011

Fern Cowl

Issue 14 of Inside Crochet is out now and has a pattern of my own in - the Fern Cowl. I ripped out this cowl so many times trying to get the pattern just right, but now I love it, and hope it is still cold enough to wear it myself when I get it back.
In other exciting IC news, the website should be up any day - yay!


Suzy said...

Hi hi

I am trying to follow this super ace pattern, but now I have got past the cowl neck and on to main part I am stuck as can be! I'm not a novice and not really an intermediate and I was hoping you could give me a little advice please. The cowl is luscious by the way x

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern, and have just finished mine !

claire montgomerie said...

Thank you ladies :)

Suzy, if you are on ravelry, you can check it our here:

if not, email me and I shall send you the corrections. Will try to post in errata on the blog very soon

C x

mimo said...

hello there thnka for the design but kindly if you can put all the detailed pattern as it's marvellous
much obliged, Dr. maha

claire montgomerie said...

sorry, but this design is at the moment exclusive to Inside Crochet magazine and I am not allowed to publish the full pattern. Until I can publish it myself, you will have to get it from Kal Media, as a back issue of issue 14.
sorry again!

Anonymous said...