Sunday, 30 September 2012

Inside crochet 33

Just a quickie - forgot to post the lovely pictures from Inside Crochet issue 33, 34 is out now (images soon!) but fear not, you can now buy online and digitally from here and! issue 33 will be up there soon.


Amanda Thornton said...

i LOVE these patterns! Is Inside Crochet available in the US?

claire montgomerie said...

Thanks Amanda! Yes, apparently it is sold in Barnes and Noble and some independent stores, you can also buy it digitally, or send me an email at and I can forward it to someone who can give you more precise answers

C x

Marie Smith said...

Could you tell me the name of the stitch in the middle of the glove please? I bought this issue when it came out but I can't find it and it is driving me crazy that I can't remember!

claire montgomerie said...

Hi Marie

Ooo, good question! The main body of the glove is worked in a herringbone stitch, the pattern down the middle, Shirley calls a forked cluster of stiches - where the cluster is worked around the stem of stitch just made. They are very pretty! :)

And Shirley is making some more gloves for a winter issue as we speak!

hope you find the pattern!