Friday, 23 November 2012

fashion crochet shoot

 My latest book, Fashion Crochet is out now, and I have been a bit slow in telling you about it. I am still waiting for my copy so to give you a little taster, here are some shots from one of the photoshoots I managed to get to. Millie was only a few months old when they were shooting for the book, so it was lovely to go along for a couple of hours worth of adult conversation, which mainly revolved around how tired I looked...
One of my favourite projects from the book is the granny skirt, below, and it looked stunning on this model. Will give you a look inside the book once I get my copy!


vikily said...

I agree! I made up some of the originals of these skirts but I like the inspired more than the inspiration. I have my copy - brilliant book; fantastic idea.

paulineknit said...

I don't crochet and I am not a lover of granny squares but from what can be seen in the picture perhaps I could make an exception.

Hope you and your family are well.

claire montgomerie said...

HI Vicky!

You didn't tell me you made up some of the originals! Fab :) glad you like the book.

C x

claire montgomerie said...


Ha :) will have to teach you. apart from group colds, we are well, hope you are too
C xx