Tuesday, 13 August 2013

15 mins of fame

Walton top, by me, in issue 43 of Inside Crochet, modelled on my littlun

The very lovely Kat Goldin of the fabulous Crochet at Play, Slugs on the Refrigerator, Crochet Camp, Capturing Childhood (shall I go on?!) and now Blogtacular fame, has a little interview with me as part of this summer's Crochet Camp over on her Slugs blog. I feel happy, humbled and a tiny bit famous, not only by the interview but by the comments by very nice people, both familiar and new to me, since. Do hop on over there and take a peek, Kat's blog is such an inspiration, as are all her projects. (Plus you can win a years digital subscription to Inside Crochet!)

Image by Britt Spring, top from Issue 43 of Inside crochet

P.s. Let me know if you are thinking of going to the Blogtacular weekend next year, I am considering it and the more folk I find out I can meet in real life, the more I want to go!

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