Thursday, 19 September 2013

Book Launch

Last week, I attended the launch party of new knitting book, The Knit Parade, written by Rebecca Rymsza of Where's Me Jumper. Like the company, which makes bespoke knitwear, it was a really fun launch and The Knit Parade is a fantastically fun book. It is great to see a 'young' knitting book, with a contemporary and humorous edge and plenty of original and complex intarsia motifs, something I specialised in on my MA. I love the use of pompoms in the styling - one of my favourite things - and the way that the sweaters are unisex; they are shown on both male and female models.

 The launch party had plenty of poms in attendance, and just about everything was knitted, including the walls and 'dance floor'. I was also quite taken with the drinks selection, provided by Brittains Vodka. I am not a big drinker, or a vodka fan, but boy is that stuff good! We sampled quite a few flavours, just in the name of research of course, and the Black Forest flavour was my personal retro favourite.
Oh, and did I mention the disco heads...all a bit 80s school disco, which took me back! This book allows you to knit your own version of a Where's me Jumper jumper, with a smaller price tag, if you are an intarsia lover, go get it!


paulineknit said...

Looks like fun. Fun projects should attract more young people to knit - hope so.

claire montgomerie said...

Here's hoping so Pauline :)