Wednesday, 26 March 2008


One thing I have always wished I could do is patterncut. It would be great to make a well cut dress and have a handmade cardi to match. All the amazing patterncutters I know keep insisting that if you can design and make knitwear, then it is halfway there, but I am really not so sure. I believe you can be much more untidy with knitwear - it is so forgiving and mistakes are easy to mend - but fabric and a sewing machine are an entirely different matter. My trouble is I always seem to let the machine run away with me, I am just too impatient, which seems ridiculous coming from a knitter! I think that what I mean is that when it comes to knitting, I know it is going to be a theraputic, slow process, whereas dressmaking should offer a quick fix. However, I am now realising that when I get on a sewing machine, it is never going to be a fast job! I am starting slowly, with an old retro pattern I dug out of the goodies in my studio, here is a pic of what it will (hopefully) look like, I'm doing the short version, along with how much i have done so far. it has only taken me about a month, so it is definitely not going to be a quickie! will let you know if it fits.

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