Tuesday, 25 March 2008

proof positive!

The proofs of the new book are here and looking loverly. I have scanned them all extensively and tried to iron out the mistakes, but am feeling glad that they need still to go to a pattern checker, editor and proof reader as I am really rubbish at noticing the niggles. I just like looking at the pretty pictures and thinking that the stuff I wrote sounds very good; it is strange how when reading your own words back in a more formal format that they sound ever so much better than you could have hoped!
When I was but a wee girl i really wanted to write for a living when I grew up, I dithered over how, with children's author/illustrator being a top choice, or just a plain old author. I even wrote the first chapter of a horror novel when i was about 14, but got bored soon after that! However, I never even thought about writing a knitting or craft book, but actually it suits me so well, as it encompasses everything I enjoy, satisfying my creative, tactile, wordy and mathematical sides. I just hope everyone enjoys the books! Will keep you posted on the progression of the publication.

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