Wednesday, 1 October 2008

it's here!

Onto exciting news #2...the first copy of my new book has arrived!

It was a lot of work and compromises were made aplenty, but it is finally in print; a real book! my favourite parts are the sections on the design process, as I had initially envisaged the book as more of a knitting companion than a pattern book, ideal for inspiring the knitter, due to its gorgeous images and design tips. it has finally emerged as a hybrid of the two, which is nice.

For those of you who like the socks in a previous post, this is the book the pattern appears in. As do the scrummy mittens which have been featured on the side of this blog for months now, probably my favourite pattern and picture in the book. Other highlights are the wonderful steeked Norweigan style jumper and an ocean inspired seacell and wool wrap.

Yarn palette is out in October, so check it out in all good book shops....although I am not yet sure how available it will be in the UK - it is published by Readers Digest - hence the American-style cover and spelling. The UK distributors are A&C Black and there is always amazon....!


Erssie said...

The new book looks good.
See you have been knitting socks, I have been doing a lot of that too, am totally addicted to making socks.

Got some fun ones for with little dancing skeletons on for dia de los muertos coming out on Monday.

claire montgomerie said...

thanks erssie, yes, i have discovered that it is true - socks are addictive arent they?! skeletons sounds veeery cute...let me know when you have pics.

Hege said...

Congratulations on the book!
Looks great - have to put it on my wishlist ;)

claire montgomerie said...

thanks hege -love your blog!