Tuesday, 14 October 2008

oh - sew - hip!

I was delighted to see my old chum Rabbit hitting the big time and making it onto the front cover of glossy new magazine Sew Hip. He really knows how to put himself out there. I am jealous; it will be the runways of New York and Milan next! Joking aside, the magazine is lovely, it is nice to see a new sewing magazine with some contemporary patterns in it. For all you folk who have taken a liking to Mr Rabbit, I am hoping to squish the designing of a bunny pattern into my hectic schedule to feature in a future issue of Sew Hip, so I will let you know when it is in the shops.
Meanwhile, the first issue hits the newstands on the 31st October, I hope Mr Rabbit's ego can handle it...!


Sal said...

Hi Claire, just wanted to thank you for mentioning this mag - I ordered it online and am really pleased with it! I was especially interested in the 2 articles on Alicia Paulson and Amy Butler so thanks again! Love Sal x

claire montgomerie said...

glad to hear you liked it - it is a great magazine and the folk behind it are really lovely. you are doing much better on the sewing front than myself, i still haven't finished my first ever dress (see one of my very first posts) and my new sewing machine hasnt even been used yet...oh to have some spare time! x