Monday, 23 November 2009

new website!

Hop on over to my new look website, as designed by the ultra talented Model Robot. I love the easy to navigate layout and multiple tiny little square pictures.

The re-design has come about due to the fact I am going to be setting up an online store where you can buy all sorts of lovely Monty products and patterns, which will hopefully go live in the new year.
You may have noticed that I have also moved some aspects of the site, such as the gallery of knitters' pictures and revisions from my knitting books to my blog to ensure they are always up to date and easy to follow. I also have a whole current list of my knitting and craft workshops and lessons on here and will soon have some easy to follow knitting tutorials too.


Georgina said...

Jolly smart, crisp, modern and easily to navigate. Well Done! I am struggling to build my own and find the hardest part is choosing a definitive look - it changes in my mind's eye with each daybreak!!

claire montgomerie said...

why thank you! and thanks again to model robot.
The style is hard - especially if you like so many different things.
let me know when yours is done!