Saturday, 13 March 2010

fabric corsage tutorial

This pattern is very simple and yet very effective. You do not need to have any previous sewing experience as all the sewing happens at the back of the corsage and so is hidden away. It also takes no time at all to make -  it is unfussy, easy and quick.

A variety of fabric circles as wide in diameter as you want the corsage to be. The one I am working on here is 6cm in diameter. You will need at least 10 circles, but you can add as many as you need to make the corsage as full as you like.
Scissors or plinking shears, dependant on the edge you want to achieve
Sewing needle and thread
Safety pin or kilt pin, or hair slide, dependant on whether you want a brooch or hairclip

Step one
Cut out the circles, using a template to ensure each is the same size

Step two

Fold each circle in half and sew it to secure

Step three
Attach each folded semi circle together along the fold using simple tacking stitches and keep adding circles until the corsage is as full as you desire

Step four
Attach a safety pin, kilt pin, brooch back or hairclip to the back of corsage. 

Et voila!


Little Hands said...

The crochet ones are gorgeous! I've just been making some knitted ones for hair clips, must brave the crochet patterns soon to put my new skills into practice!

Amy said...

Great tute, they're so pretty! I love things that are so easy to make, it really builds up a new sewer's confidence. I'll be making some hair-clip versions for my god-daughter post-haste!

claire montgomerie said...

yay siobhan,give it a try! We must do a flower crochet class at the cafe so you can join in.
Amy, so gla you are going to give it a go - let me some pics when you do!