Monday, 19 July 2010

come dine with kate

If you are a fan of crochet, then get down to the Rebecca Hossack gallery in Charlotte Street before next week, as Kate Jenkins of the knitwear brand Cardigan has a lovely little exhibition, Kate's Cafe there. She has crocheted plates of food and set up the gallery like a restaurant.
There are stitchy puns galore; sushi served with sew sauce, shepherds pie with wooly sheep on top for mash and After Kate mints served after dinner; everything is very cute indeed.
I loved the sushi, which seemed to suit the small, neat, crocheted portions, and all the sequinned fishy dishes, with shimmering scales.
Everything was served on little plates mounted in glass boxes on the walls which was lovely, like a tasting menu - it felt like you were trying everything on the menu!
Finally, to finish it off, you could have some sparkling metallic Babysew which I liked very much as I am a fan of the Babycham glasses and must admit to owning a few. I could imagine necking a few bottles of this after polishing off some wooly canapes and a crocheted fruit tart or two. Cheers!

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