Saturday, 3 July 2010

woolfest 2010

My first ever trip to Woolfest this year was wonderful; I think it shall now be a firm date in my diary each year. The difference for me with this yarn fair is the variety of different events such as live folk music and dancing as well as the presence of actual livestock, like these adorable, punky alpacas.
The ewe's milk ice cream was stunning too, I had to try both the vanilla and mint choc chip flavours, naturally - it was very hot in the barn...

Last weekend the weather was beautiful, the views amazing and the company fabulous, what more can you ask for? Can't wait for next year.

Felt Studio's unusually beautiful handspun yarn

Helen from the Thread of Life with the biggest hairpin loom ever!

Yarn Addict's yummy hand dyed angora


The Happy Panda said...

Alpacas!Let's definitely go together next year, yeah?xx

claire montgomerie said...

yes please!! :)

Anni said...

Gorgeous pictures and thank you for including one of my yarn. Love that handspun yarn. Woolfest was great but hot. Loved the ewe's milk ice cream too.

Everyone kept going on about the animal smell but I didn't notice it but then I live in a very rural area wiht lots of sheep. LOL.

claire montgomerie said...

ha ha! I got used to the smell after a bit - it was a very healthy country smell I felt! :)