Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fashion Crochet for summer

Some summery pieces from Fashion Crochet today. The first two are by Helda Panagary, the last by Victoria Stott. The waistcoat/cardigan above is perfect as a beach cover up while the pretty flower corsages can be worn singly, in groups or as a necklace or around a neckline.

Vicky's stunning halterneck design centres around the fashionable pineapple motif and will be a fabulous statement piece when the warmer weather arrives.


paulineknit said...

The beach cover up doesn't seem to cover much but then I have an old fashioned outlook on life. Although I am not a fan of crochet, it is good to see it coming back into fashion again.

claire montgomerie said...

Ha ha Pauline, you are funny (and right of course!) C x