Thursday, 23 July 2009

busy bee

It has been a manic week preparing for the big day on Sunday. I cannot believe the date has crept up so soon, but I am really looking forward to the Kiosk this weekend. I shall be there, sandwiched between City Hall and Tower Bridge from about 10 am, along with the lovely Bee from Chain Creative, providing the passers by with free knitting, sewing and crochet help, while feeding and watering them.
These are some of the kits I have lovingly hand made....
...and here's a taster of some of the delicious wares I shall be selling...

...not to mention the mess I have made whilst creating it all. Let's just hope it doesn't rain...!
hope to see y'all there.

P.s. Model Robot will be there too, selling tees, bags an badges adorned with the typical fun and fabulous 'Robot style imagery.


georgina (remote knitter) said...

Good Luck - hope it's a sell out!!
Binky and I are doing our first ever artfair in August (in Liverpool) and I so resonate with the manic feeling! Your kits look lovely and v. desirable!!!

claire montgomerie said...

thanks georgina! good luck with your fair too, it is so nerve wracking and exhausting but loads of fun!