Friday, 3 July 2009

kioskiosk launch

Yesterday was just too hot to work, so it was handy that I had the kioskiosk launch to go to on the Southbank. I met Wayne Hemmingway, the mastermind behind the idea, who gave me a tour of the kiosk and I was surprised at just how Tardis-like it is; big enough to fit a changing room and loads of shelving in and it was also really cool in there, which was fantastic on one of the hottest days in London this year. It was exciting to see the kiosk in the flesh and I begun planning how I will kit it out and also what a lovely 'tea party' feel I will be giving the workshops.

I have just confirmed that the free knitting and crochet clinic and workshops I will be running on the 26th July will also have some lovely handmade cup cakes by the talented Catherine of Sugar Rose. She will be also providing the cakes at my launch party for Easy Kids Knits, and I cannot wait, they are the lightest, most yummy cakes I have ever eaten. Here are a few of her inventive and beautiful creations. My favourites are the Russian Dolls; I have never seen anything like them and I have a real weakness for Matryoshka dolls. Catherine is still getting her website ready, so come along and try them at the workshop or launch and meet her in person.

After the launch, I decided to make the most of the weather, convincing myself it was just too warm to pick up the knitting needles and so I finally made it to the Liberty sale, where I bought five bolts of beautiful Liberty print cotton.
The one on the far left was not in the sale but I couldn't resist the print that I had seen in an APC dress, so I bought the same fabric to make a similar dress at a fraction of the cost. However, the rest of the fabrics were a bargain, and now I have enough fabric to make three tops and two dresses. I just hope my excitement for sewing continues long enough for me to make them all, or my bargainous shopping may not seem so thrifty!
My relaxing day in the sun ended at a restaurant I must really recommend for great value, ethics and fabulously fresh food. Wahaca bills itself as Mexican market eating and yet it sources most of its ingredients from the UK, using in season, free range products where possible. This fresh ethos really shines through in the food and I loved it, as you can see!


Bee Creative said...

What a day!!! Let's hope it's as beautiful when we're there in all our pinnyed glory! Missy Bee :))

Karina said...

I am knitting the sweet little Matinee jacket from your easy baby knits book and think I've found a mistake in the pattern and am not sure where to go from here. I am doing the 0-3 size and am on the left front on the seed stitch portion. I get to 4 1/2 inches in the beginning of the left front and then work 5 rows in garter st. and then begin the seed st. pattern and am supposed to stop at 4 3/4 in. I'm already past that with the 5 rows of garter stitch. Is this a mistake? Help!

claire montgomerie said...

karina, so sorry about this, the corrections for this pattern are on my website:

vava said...

Hi, I am knitting the ribbed cardigan with pockets (to fit chest size 63cm) from your new book Easy kids knits. I have just finished the back and am on the armhole shaping section. My issue is that the instructions say that after I have cast off 10 stitches in total and dec 6 stitches in total I should be left with 53 stitches on which I continue to knit. The problem is that I am left with 59 stitches and not 53 stiches. So to explain what I did, I cast on 75 stitches and when I reached the armhole shaping section i cast off 5 stitches at the begining of next 2 rows (leaving 65 stitches), I then dec 1 st at each end of next 4 rows and following 2 alt rows (leaving 59 stitches). Can you tell me if I have just misunderstood the instructions or is there a mistake in the instructions? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you:)

claire montgomerie said...

hi vava,
I will look at this and get back to you asap, you can contact me by email too (see right under classes) or I am montyknits on ravelry, otherwise I shall post my answer here asap.

claire montgomerie said...

after you have cast off 5 sts at beg of two rows, you then have to dec one st at either end of next 4 rows - which is 8 sts altogether, so you should have 57 sts, then you dec 1 st at either end of next 2 alternate rows, which is another 4 sts decreased in total, which will give you 53 stitches - 12decreased altogether, not 6.
please let me know if this helps,
kind regards claire x