Monday, 27 July 2009


Yesterday I was at the Kioskiosk selling my wares and teaching a load of unsuspecting tourists and daytripping families how to knit and crochet with my trusty sidekick Bee from Chain Creative. Here are a few shots of us in action:

Setting up

Bags and tees from Model Robot. Check out the website if you want one!

The fantastic view of Tower bridge from inside the kiosk

Workshops in full swing...

...and moving inside to shelter from the elements...British summertime, eh?!

A natural knitter and just eight years old, Olivia had never picked up the pins before but was a whizz!

More young knitters and crocheters with Bee; afterwards they treated themselves to a yummy Sugar Rose cupcake as a reward for their hard work... little knitted birdies couldn't resist the cakes either!
My favourite part of the day was when a little girl fell in love with one of my tiny aliens and went away with it, with a bright smile on her face. It was so nice to see that other look upon my characters as lovingly as I do.
I will be at the Kiosk again on the 27th August, so if you fancy popping by to say hi, to ask for advice with your knitting or crochet project or to get a copy of my latest book, please do, I would love to see you!


Francesca said...

The Kiosk looked fantastic! Well done! I was thinking of you on the day and am glad it was a success. Great birds and stitched canvases! Im certainly going to buy lots from you when Im over and come back home with a suitcase full of your beautiful creations! x

Bee Creative said...

Pictures are grrreat! Don't we look busy beez! Well done for setting up and getting the show on the road. Looking forward to other great events.
Bee xx

Georgina said...

What a sweet kiosk - I love that word - so much more evocative than stall or stand! This bloomin' weather! Binky and I have yet to finalise our layout - your kiosk looked good and firm on the ground! We do, like you, have jolly bunting at the ready. Good Luck with the next one!

Alicia said...

Am miffed that I missed this *kicks own arse*

And there were cakes :-(

claire montgomerie said...

thanks my lovelies!
alicia - i will be back there on thursday the 27th, although without cake :( but we can still knit out together if you can make it. everyone welcome.

Mrs G said...

just did my account of Kiosk on the blog. come and have a look Claire - your critters look great! Agnes x