Friday, 11 September 2009

handweavers studio launch

I was very excited to go to the long anticipated opening of the relocated Handweavers Studio last night. So excited in fact that I forgot my camera, but I did manage to snap a few blurry pics on my mobile, so hopefully you will get the idea of the rainbow of colours available in the store.
I was extremely jealous of the acres of shelving and storage space in store, some of which I wish we had at home and at loop...
...just look at how much wool tops they can store, and such bright jewel-like colours!
My only criticsm of the store is that the decor is a little sterile, but to be honest, the shelves are so full of yarns in so many different, tantilising hues that you don't really notice.
I succumbed to some beautiful silks in peacock colours, goodness knows what I shall do with them, but I could not come out without making a purchase of something bright and jolly so I could take some of the rainbow home with me.
The studio also has an extensive range of classic books about weaving, rug making, knitting, crochet and all sorts of crafts, some of which I am sure have sat on the shelf in the former store for years and years. I bought a book about crochet which was printed in 1983 but looked like new! More about that in a later post I think.
Handweavers is still running an extensive workshop schedule, so if you fancy learning to weave in any form, get yourself down. I am considering doing a refresher in tapestry weaving, which I always loved on my degree, and the good news is, it is just down the road; oh, so much more handy than when it was in Walthamstow!


Em said...

Wow that place looks fantastic! Another reason for me to wish I lived nearer to London, maybe I'll get to visit it next time I go, whenever that will be! Thank you for sharing it.

claire montgomerie said...

yup, definitely pop it on your 'to do' list for next time you visit the big smoke, but leave plenty of time to peruse the wondrous wares!