Monday, 14 September 2009

pick of the crop

As summer slides slowly out of view, I am almost ready to publish the final pattern from the booklet of five designs from my summer collection. It is just going through final pattern checks and charting and hopefully will be up on Ravelry in the next week or so. The sweater takes inspiration from the cropped shapes which were around in the spring/summer collections, but will also wear well into the winter with the layering theme from the current collections. It is also very simple to lengthen if the cropped style is not for you.

With the trees turning colour and having already swept up the first batch of leaves from he garden, I am working on the collection for winter, with woolly warmers being the main focus of the English Heritage theme. Look out for the first projects from that sometime in October.


Georgina said...

Just the job! Lovely!!

TomatoTea said...

Exciting stuff! Love the cropped jumper :D