Sunday, 20 September 2009

missoni exhibition

This week I finally made it to the Missoni exhibition at the Estorick Collection. I have been meaning to go for ages but only just made it in time before it finished and I am really glad I did. I have never been to the Estorick before, and it is a small and quirky space, with some beautiful Italian art.

The Missoni exhibition itself, with its yarn curtains and riot of colour was very inspirational. However, for me, it was also a bit hit and miss. While most rooms caused my heart to race faster with excitement and others stunned me into silence as I tried to work out the knit structures and wish I had thought of them, some featured more of the Futurism pieces which inspire the Missoni family than their actual design. Although I enjoyed these artworks, I have only just been to visit the Futurism exhibition at the Tate, so I would rather have seen only design relevant pieces and more knitting, especially as their technique is superb and their innovation stunning.
My highlights included the designers' colourful mood boards and stripe graphs and the short films. One of these showcased knitting and design processes, machinery and the people who work them. With no narrative, this was spell binding and led me to long to use the reassuringly familiar heavy, gliding, clunking and swishing industrial knitting machines again. There is something so theraputic and beautiful
about the juxtaposition of working with huge, heavy metal machinery and soft, fluffy fibres, which was demonstrated fantastically. The cute and cuddly family history film was also fun, and the Missonis themselves came across as likeable, intelligant and multi-talented as well as a very close, loving family. All very warm and fuzzy I must say and it resluted in my leaving the exhibition (after an obligatory strong Italian coffee of course) feeling happy and inspired.
P.s. I must add a thank you here as I do not know how but, dear reader, I managed to leave my camera at home again, so all pictures are courtesy of my favourite co-exhibitioner, and fellow Claire, Gingerknits.


Rhonda Fargnoli said...

So wonderful! Thank you for blogging since Missoni is one of my favorite designers and I would have been able to see or here about this! I shall pass this on to my students! Thanks to Clare too!

Geotgina said...

Thanks for that thoughtful and thought provoking post

claire montgomerie said...

thank you ladies!