Thursday, 18 June 2009


This summer I shall be lugging all my lovely handmade wares down to the Southbank to take part in a collaboratory exhibition with Wayne Hemmingway Design and the Design Museum. They have set up a Kiosk by the Mayor's fab building with a view to supporting young British designers. It is a great idea and I recommend you all head down there at least once over the summer to support the innovative design and participate in some workshops.
I shall be there giving free workshops and knitting advice to all levels of knitter and selling starter kits for the few people left out there who can't yet knit! My workshop day is Sunday 26th July and I will also be around on the 26th and 27th August, till late in the lovely summers evening if the weather permits, so please drop by and say hi, I would love to see you!


a mouse said...

how cool! you will have so much fun!
about the headbands.. i think they
look darling on short hair!
especially with long ribbons
going down the back...
! or i just had an idea..
how cute would your daisy chains be!
around your head and then down your
back! darling!

a mouse said...

oh ps.. i dont tatt..
id love love love to learn!
do you?

Louise said...

Hi Clare - this is a fabulous idea look forward to seeing your down there your work looks amazing! Louise

claire montgomerie said...

thank you thank you! i look forward to seeing you too, louise, trying to get a real summer 'knit out' going, hope you pop by. x

a mouse said...

oh yes let me know if you learn!
ive been meaning to get out a book
and work it out.. but havent gotten
there yet... but we will conquer it!!! :D