Sunday, 14 June 2009

sew happy!

I have just finished a top and just had to tell you all; I made this!

(Just don't look too closely at the neck - wonky cover stitching - and ignore the creases, I wanted to show you striaght away, so no time to iron!)

Everyone who follows this blog knows that I love to craft beautiful things with my hands, and that I am trying to eschew fast fashion. You may also recall from one of my very first posts that I have been trying to teach myself to dressmake. I can sew (just about!) but the things I sew are ususally knitted garments which I sew by hand, or little mixed media creatures, which have even more character when wonky! To be honest, I struggle with the sewing machine - straight lines are just not me. However, miracle of miracles, I have finished my first sewing project! Unfortunately it is not the dress I had started way back in my first post, but one that I started a few weeks ago after I was deeply inspired by the wonderful projects by verypurpleperson, especially this dress.
I wisely decided to start with something much simpler, even though I desperately want a white dress like hers.
That is where this very simple t-shirt came in, which I made from a folded over, shaped rectangle of jersey with a slit for your head. I wanted to do it properly, as I think most of my failures come from rushing into projects, so I drew out my own pattern on spot and cross paper and pinned it to the fabric, instead of just guessing where I needed to cut, like I have done in the past! I cover stitched the hems at the college where I work after realising I had access to so many fabulous resources that I was not using, and was amazed that I could control such a big, industrial, beautiful machine.

I finished it off on my lovely sewing machine, which so far has seen very little action. That will change now I hope! I have bought Burda sewing magazine as I thought winging it on the pattern front may have just been a lucky first try, and I have been enjoying looking at some of the creations on the burdastyle website, where I found apurpleperson's blog.
Crossed fingers and toes, I am now hoping to make loads more of my own clothes, to support my new crafting ethos, to save money and to ensure I have some original, interesting pieces in my wardrobe, and not just mass produced fashion. I think I will try a Liberty print summer dress next, as I am inspired by all their collaborations with big designers. You never know, it might be ready for next summer...!


a mouse said...

love it! :) great job! im working on a
top today too.. its so amazing
when it actually looks like
hearts **

a mouse said...

ah! i wanted to save the kittens!!!!
ha ha ha
brilliant work though mr montyknits! :)
*thanks for sending me the link*
i love them :)

Bee Creative said...

What a star! Knittin', crochetin', stitchin' - it'll be bakin' next.
bee xx

claire montgomerie said...

yay! will have to have words with Catherine...i'd love to make a babushka cake...

a mouse said...

ha ha ha no worries!
lambert my boy cat is all mayhem and violence anyway... in fact that was probably taken straight
from one of his dreams... if he could wield a machete he would! :D

claire montgomerie said...

now, thats the sorta cat I'd like...!