Friday, 5 June 2009

let's knit a hat

Check out my new hat pattern in Let's Knit's current issue.

Inspired by the 20s style cloche shape.
Flippy, girly, pretty and knitted in hemp, which was a bit of a pain to work with, but gives a lovely summery, straw-like finish.
You could also use cotton if you can't find any hemp, or any other new tough plant fibre you can find.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that is so summery and cute! And very, very unique!

claire montgomerie said...

thank you! :)
shame the weather isn't summery to match... it's funny how quickly we get used to the sun, even though it isn't natural may/june temperatures!

a faerie finder said...

have a wonderful time at peter pan...
it will be worth the price i promise!!
plus then you could get the kiss necklace! :)
its only 20 pounds.. which i thought was
pretty cheap for real silver..
(no i dont work there.. ha ha ha)

ps.. i just love your patterns especially
your daisy chain necklace!

claire montgomerie said...

Thanks stephanie, that's lovely to hear, especially as your blog is such an inspiration since I have been reading it - i am inspired to slow down and enjoy the little things more, a lesson i have been long trying to learn...
and i'd love a kiss necklace, i shall tell them to give you commission! :)