Tuesday, 30 June 2009

new/old patterns

Recently I have been trying to tidy up my life. I have far too many things on the go at once to be disorganised, but unfortunately I am. Very. So, I suddenly realised that the exclusive copyright to a few patterns I submitted to some magazines has been finished for a while, meaning I can self publish them.
This is a great practice the magazines are trying to do to help out knit designers, as the compensation in relation to the time put in to this sort of work is generally rather poor. So, I have been busily sorting out layouts for new patterns to sell on Ravelry and have posted two up there today; Violet hat and a Christmas stocking, which you may recall in different guises from earlier posts. The whole process is really rather exciting to me, however, the next step is to get ordered enough to sell them over my own website, too.
(Wow, this pattern seems really incongruous in the middle of a summer heatwave, but I guess if you are well prepared person, now is the time to knit for Christmas...
I'm definitely not that organised!)


TomatoTea said...

How spooky - i was just having a lookie through your patterns and my gosh you've published looooads! I did wonder about the whole copyright thing with magazines, ie do they hold the copyright indefinitely but i guess this is not the case, which is great news for the designers who put so much work in to patterns. Really looking forward to purchasing your new 4 pattern collection :D already love the first 3!

claire montgomerie said...

yay! thank you!
Yes, I am constantly knitting! I am a bit mad in that I do write all my own patterns, and even knit most of them myself too. However, I am knitting so much now, that I think I am going to have to change tack very shortly, or I just will not be able to get out everything I want to!